The Link Between Depression and Addiction 


Depression is a severe mood disorder that causes sadness, low energy, and trouble looking forward to happiness or pleasure. Some people with depression feel mostly anxious, irritable, empty, or guilty, while others feel primarily sad.   Some people with depression sleep way too much, while others are always restless and can't sleep. Depression can appear differently [...]

The Link Between Depression and Addiction 2023-01-12T09:37:45-05:00

New Year’s Resolutions for Managing Depression


A recent New Year's resolutions study found that about 40% of Americans set up resolutions, but less than half are still going strong after six months. We all want to make changes in our lives that are good and make a difference, but how do we make the changes last? When making resolutions, you must consider [...]

New Year’s Resolutions for Managing Depression2022-12-22T16:53:43-05:00

How to Deal with Depression During the Holidays


The holidays can be a difficult time for people who suffer from depression. For some, the holiday season is a time of joy and happiness, but for others, it can be a time of loneliness and sadness. If you are struggling with depression during the holidays, don't worry - you are not alone. This blog [...]

How to Deal with Depression During the Holidays2022-12-12T10:10:44-05:00

The Difference Between Depression and Sadness?


Depression can sometimes be a solace for challenging times. Although a person cannot be addicted to this mental illness like substance use disorder, the condition can create a visual cycle from mood, emotional, and behavioral dysregulation, making it seem like an addiction to sadness. What is depression? Depression is a mood disorder characterized by persistent [...]

The Difference Between Depression and Sadness?2022-12-02T14:36:34-05:00

Can Depression Cause a Physical Illness?


Depression is physically painful. Although the condition is a mood disorder, manifesting primarily as emotional distress and mental anguish, it hurts - like actual physical discomfort. Research shows that the brain registers emotional aches like physical pain - that is why a heartbreak fills like someone ripped out your heart and gut-wrenching pain. What is [...]

Can Depression Cause a Physical Illness?2022-11-03T16:39:36-04:00

SPRAVATO® vs Ketamine – What is The Difference


Living with a major depressive disorder (MDD) and anxiety disorders may be challenging. Often, it takes time and several different approaches to find a treatment plan that works well and doesn’t cause negative side effects. You may feel a lack of control over your feelings, and it negatively impacts your daily life. You don’t [...]

SPRAVATO® vs Ketamine – What is The Difference2022-10-10T12:15:47-04:00

Fight Depression With My TMS Therapy


My TMS is a leading center for TMS therapy treatment. Learn how My TMS therapy can help you with depression, anxiety and more. Get your life back. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive intervention for treatment-resistant depression. It is an excellent choice for people with depression who cannot tolerate the effects of antidepressant medication [...]

Fight Depression With My TMS Therapy2022-09-26T09:39:55-04:00

How to Help an Elderly Person With Depression


Older adults are often portrayed as living their retirement years happily, filling their days traveling and spending time with grandchildren. However, life can lose excitement for an older adult living with depression. An older adult might develop depression for several reasons, ranging from isolation to illness. Whatever the case, if you or someone you [...]

How to Help an Elderly Person With Depression2022-09-03T08:05:36-04:00

Depression Treatments That Are Safe for Pregnant Women


While many people are familiar with the risk of postpartum depression after giving birth, you can also experience it during pregnancy. This form of depression is called antepartum depression, affecting nearly one in eight pregnant mothers. Pregnancy can be an exciting time for expectant mothers. However, it may also cause stress, which can worsen [...]

Depression Treatments That Are Safe for Pregnant Women2022-09-03T07:23:35-04:00

What Is High-Functioning Depression?


Some people suffering from high-functioning depression are diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder (PDD). Most mental illnesses impair a person’s ability to function, though people with PDD can perform well academically, go to school or work and engage in social activities. While high-functioning depression may not seem as severe as other [...]

What Is High-Functioning Depression?2022-08-16T15:43:08-04:00
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