Ashley’s Story:

TMS Therapy is helping people just like Ashley find the relief they need from their depression. For those who don’t want to take medication or have had a negative experience with medication, TMS can be an effective and safe alternative.

Sarah’s Story:

After years of struggling with anxiety and depression, Sarah found hope in the form of TMS Therapy. She was surprised at how quickly she felt its effects – not only did it get to the root cause of the problem, but there were also no uncomfortable side effects or withdrawals like the ones she experienced with medication. Thanks to TMS therapy, Sarah is now feeling free from anxiety and depression!

David’s Story:

Depression has affected David and his family for generations. After trying different types of therapies and medications, his psychiatrist told him to try TMS therapy.

After receiving TMS treatment, David feels like it has changed his life for the better in a physical, emotional, and psychological way.

Kate’s Story:

Depression affected Kate from an early age. She tried therapy, support groups, and more. Nothing worked until she tried TMS therapy.

Since receiving TMS treatment, she can sleep better, be in a good mood, and perform better at work. Her friends and family see a big difference in her.

Carmen’s Story

Depression affected Carmen for a long time until she began treatment with TMS.

At this moment Carmen feels that she does not have the problems she had before and is very satisfied with the care she received at My TMS therapy.