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Transcranial magnetic stimulation is an FDA-approved treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD) in patients who have not found success with psychotherapy and antidepressants. The My TMS office in Orlando, Florida, offers TMS treatment from experienced clinicians. Contact us to determine if TMS therapy for depression is suitable for you.

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Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder (MDD) can stem from various factors, including environmental stressors, genetics, and chemical imbalances. Although psychotherapy and antidepressants are effective for many, some individuals continue to experience MDD symptoms after such treatments. TMS therapy serves as a viable next step for those whose previous treatments have been ineffective.

Ongoing research is deepening the understanding of TMS therapy’s physiological and biological mechanisms. During TMS therapy sessions, a clinician targets the prefrontal cortex areas responsible for the production of chemicals, such as serotonin, often deficient in MDD patients. Electromagnetic stimulation is applied to encourage the brain to produce more of these necessary chemicals, aiming to alleviate depression symptoms.

Two Treatment Options for MDD in Orlando

TMS treatment is quick and painless. Patients undergo one treatment daily, five days a week, for four to six weeks.

During sessions, patients sit in a comfortable padded chair while the doctor positions the TMS device and activates it. Active sessions involve a slight tapping sensation on the scalp and the sound of the device clicking. Although these sensations may require some adjustment, the treatment is essentially painless.

Treatments begin at a low dose to ensure patient comfort. As a noninvasive outpatient procedure, patients can leave immediately afterwards and return to their daily activities.

Most insurance providers cover TMS treatment for eligible patients, typically requiring a diagnosis of depression, unsuccessful psychotherapy attempts, and ineffective antidepressant trials. Our staff will manage the insurance approval process on your behalf.

Non-Drug Treatment for Depression

For individuals for whom medication is ineffective, TMS offers a groundbreaking alternative for the universal treatment of depression. This approach provides hope and relief for patients with drug-resistant depression, without the side effects commonly associated with antidepressants. If antidepressant side effects prove unmanageable, TMS therapy offers a new avenue for treatment.

What to Expect During TMS Treatment

The TMS treatment process is quick and painless, consisting of daily sessions five days a week, spanning four to six weeks.

Patients relax in a comfortable padded chair while the TMS device is positioned and activated, experiencing a mild tapping on the scalp and hearing the device’s clicking sounds. Although new to some, the treatment process is painless.

Treatment begins at a low dose to enhance comfort. TMS is an outpatient, noninvasive treatment, allowing patients to immediately resume their regular activities post-session.

Insurance coverage for TMS treatment is common, with most insurers requiring a depression diagnosis, unsuccessful psychotherapy attempts, and ineffective antidepressant trials before approval. Our team will facilitate the insurance approval process.

Is TMS Safe?

Concerns about TMS therapy’s safety are understandable, yet studies affirm its high safety level. All equipment used is FDA-approved, and our providers maintain current licensure and possess extensive experience and skills. Receiving TMS therapy with us ensures you are in safe, capable hands.

TMS therapy utilizes magnetic waves to stimulate specific brain areas, fostering the development of new neural pathways and stimulating brain regions to reduce depression symptoms significantly. This non-invasive technique is free from major side effects and is less risky than antidepressant use, offering meaningful relief where medications have failed.

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