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What is a TMS Dip and How Long Does It Last?


Millions of people throughout the world experience depression on a daily basis. From the inability to get out of bed in the morning to overeating throughout the day to cancelling plans with others, depression often significantly interferes in a person’s life. So when the possibility presents itself to gain some relief from the [...]

What is a TMS Dip and How Long Does It Last?2023-08-16T17:25:12-04:00

What are the Long-Term Side Effects of TMS Therapy


In a world where depression is more frequently treated with prescription medication, TMS therapy stands out. That is because this non-invasive, painless procedure can help to treat even the most resistant of depression cases without creating long-term side effects like some medications can. However, some people may wonder what the long-term side effects of [...]

What are the Long-Term Side Effects of TMS Therapy2022-05-24T16:21:59-04:00

TMS for Memory Loss


People who have loved ones with memory loss conditions are acutely aware of just how painful these conditions can be. Not only is it difficult for them to watch, but it is just as difficult to experience first-hand. Conditions that cause memory loss impact both the individual and those around them in ways [...]

TMS for Memory Loss2022-02-16T12:21:52-05:00

Does TMS Affect Men and Women Differently?


Depression is a serious mental health disorder that affects 17.3 million adults in the United States. However, women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with a major depressive disorder as men. When considering your treatment options for depression you may wonder -- does TMS affect men and women differently? What [...]

Does TMS Affect Men and Women Differently?2021-09-21T16:29:32-04:00

Caring For and Living with a Bipolar Spouse


Bipolar disorder can crop up in a variety of ways. There are as many bipolar disorder experiences as there are bipolar people, and these encounters range from wonderful and exciting to perplexing, disappointing, and devastating. For example, your partner might have bipolar disorder if they had debilitating periods of sadness followed by high [...]

Caring For and Living with a Bipolar Spouse2023-01-23T10:50:53-05:00

Can TMS Make Anxiety Worse?


Treatment for mental health disorders can come with a whole host of unwanted side effects. Some treatments aren't effective and some may make symptoms worse. Often, before beginning a TMS treatment, some patients with anxiety are worried that the therapy will be ineffective or wonder, "can TMS make anxiety worse?" However, when a patient [...]

Can TMS Make Anxiety Worse?2022-05-24T16:11:25-04:00

TMS vs Antidepressants


With heightened awareness of mental health issues, there is no reason to be ashamed of seeking the treatment you require to improve your well-being. With a variety of treatment options available, from antidepressants to TMS therapy, you may not know which will be the best fit for you. When you want effective treatment for [...]

TMS vs Antidepressants2022-05-24T15:30:53-04:00

How Does Mental Health Affect the LGBTQIA+ Community?


Each one of us has a sexual orientation and a particular gender we like to identify ourselves with. Our sexual orientation is who we want to get romantically or physically involved with, while our gender identity is what we perceive ourselves as - whether it is a male, female, both, or neither of them. [...]

How Does Mental Health Affect the LGBTQIA+ Community?2023-05-24T16:11:50-04:00

Bipolar Disorder and Depression: Understanding the Difference


Depression and Bipolar disorder are two mental health conditions often confused with each other due to certain similarities in the nature and phases of both. There are mixed views about the two disorders, as some sources claim Bipolar disorder just to be a type of Depression, while others think they are two completely different [...]

Bipolar Disorder and Depression: Understanding the Difference2021-07-01T10:02:44-04:00

Why TMS Therapy might be the best solution to my Depression


Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders and a leading cause of disability worldwide. It is estimated to affect 17.3 million American adults with at least one major episode in life(2019). This mood disorder is characterized by recurrent states of low mood and aversion to social engagement or activities. It [...]

Why TMS Therapy might be the best solution to my Depression2021-12-16T11:34:06-05:00
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